Recommend a Purchase

The University Library is always pleased to receive recommendations of resources to be purchased for the collection, and carefully reviews all recommendations received.

Resources are selected for the University Library based upon several factors:

  • Does the recommended resource support the teaching and learning of the University, including particular programs?
  • Does adequate funding exist to purchase this resource?
  • Does this resource complement, contrast, or supplement other resources available in the library?  Or does the resource essentially duplicate intellectual content already present in the collection?

The University Library has a general guideline that it will not purchase content twice, for example, in both print and digital format.  If a book is available in digital format (an e-book), the library will not puchase a print copy except in exceptional circumstances, and vice versa.

The University Library also will not purchase digital content which is restricted to only one playback or viewing mechanism or device, and the University Library does not purchase digital devices such as mp3 players, personal data assistants, ebook readers, or tablets.

The University Library does not purchase currently assigned textbooks.

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