Computers, Printers, & Copiers


8 PCs and 8 Macs are available for library research and office applicationsComputers are available for use by students, faculty, and staff of the university. Log in to the computers using your usual college log-in and password. Visitors also have limited use of the computers - see Computer Use Policy for Guests for additional information.


Users can use the library computers on the 1st Floor to print. The computers will print to the printer located at the end of the Circulation Desk. Printed pages are $.6 per page with your SHU ID card. Cash cannot be used to pay for printing, unless you send your print job from one of the "Visitor Use" PCs (which are marked) and send your print job to the circulation printer at the cost of $.10 per page.


User copiers are located on the main and lower floors. Copies are $.6 per page. The copiers only accept a patron's SHU ID card. A student can add money to his or her SHU ID to be able to make copies by depositing money into the general fund on the card. Faculty and staff members must use their SHU IDs if they would like to make photocopies. Faculty and Staff members must have money on their SHU ID cards to make copies with.The money on the faculty and staff SHU ID cards comes from the department that the faculty or staff member works for, and it is not necessary for faculty and staff members to add money to their SHU ID cards. The library staff does not have the ability to override the photocopiers, and faculty codes no longer work in the photocopiers.

Microfilm Machines

There are two microfilm machines located on the lower level of the library building. Users can print the documents on the film. One of the machine provides the scanning and e-mailing functionality. Printed pages cost $.10 per page. These machines take only change. If you need assistance with a microfilm machine, please go to the Reference Desk to get a librarian to help you. If the reference librarian is unavailable, please talk to the Circulation Desk staff to get help.

Campus-wide Printing and Computer Labs

For additional information about printing and computer labs on campus, please visit the COMPUTER LABS & CLASSROOMS page maintained by SHU's Information Technology Department.

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