Library Liaison Program

Library Liaisons

Certain librarians are responsible for coordinating collection development and library services in particular subject areas.

These librarians are:

Robert Berry: Social Sciences, including Criminal Justice (Off-campus Fellow at U.S.P.T.O through August  2016)

Zachariah ClaybaughCommunication and Media Studies, English, Art and Design, Anthropology (minor), and Sociology (interim)

Nancy DelVecchioCatholic Studies and Core, Chemistry, Music, Performing Arts, Physics, and Social Work (interim)

Elizabeth (Libby) Knapik: Business and programs of the Welch College of Business

Kim Macomber: Education

Jeff Orrico: Computer Science and Information Technology, and Pyschology (interim)

Geoffrey Staysniak: Health Sciences

Chelsea Stone: Irish Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, and Women’s Studies (minor)


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