Library Liaison Program

Library Liaisons

Certain librarians are responsible for coordinating collection development and library services in particular subject areas.

These librarians are:

Robert Berry: Social Sciences, including Criminal Justice

Nancy DelVecchio : Humanities, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Science

Amy Jansen: Business and programs of the Welch College of Business

Kim Macomber: Education

Jeff Orrico: Health Sciences


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Easter Break Hours

Regular hours through

Monday Apr 15

Easter Hours:


Tue-Wed Apr 15-16

8 am-4:30 pm

Thurs-Sun Apr 17-20


Mon Apr 21

8:30 am-11 pm

Tue Apr 22

8:30 am-3 am

Regular Hours:

Resume Apr 23:


8 am-3am

Reference Desk

8 am-11 pm


8 am-9 pm

Reference Desk

8 am-6 pm


10 am-9 pm

Reference Desk

10 am-5 pm


10 am-3 am

Reference Desk

10 am-11 pm



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