Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms

All Study Rooms Must Be Booked Online

You MUST be a currently registered student at Sacred Heart University to use the space, as they are dedicated solely for the purpose of student group study. 

A MINIMUM of two (2) students is required to sign out a room as a group.  At least two (2) of those students must be present to enter the room.  A current SHU ID will be required to be left with the Circulation Staff.

Each GROUP may request a room for a maximum of three (3) hours PER DAY.  Time blocks are broken into half hour increments.


  • These rooms are for groups only.  A group is defined for study room purposes as being 2 or more current SHU students.
  •  The room MUST be vacated when the group’s allotted time is over.
  • If you arrive late, (15 minutes or longer past the time you have the room signed out for), the room may be given to the next group waiting.
  • If you leave the room and take your items and ID with you, the room will be deemed VACATED and will be given to another group.
  • If the person who signed out the room leaves early, another member of the group must swap out their SHU card.
  • Only certain items will be available for check out to use in room, students must provide all other equipment and supplies.
  • The noise level must be kept to a minimum since these rooms are not totally enclosed.
  • Inappropriate behavior, as elsewhere in the library, will be cause for removal from the room and possibly barred from future use.
  • Neither the Library nor the University will be held responsible for unattended, lost, stolen or damaged personal items.  This included the loss of content from the students' computer files.
  • Unattended personal property may not be used to “hold” a room by any group.

If you have any questions about group study room reservations, please contact the Circulation Desk at 203-371-7702.


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