Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms

The first floor of the library has eight (8) group study rooms.  These rooms are available for use by currently registered SHU students only as they are dedicated solely for the purpose of group study. A group is considered to be 2 or more current SHU students.  

You may book a study room online or in person at the Ciirculation Desk. You will need to leave your SHU ID with the Circulation staff.  Rooms may be reserved for 30 minute increments up to a maximum of 3 hours per group per day. 


·         These rooms are for groups only.  A group is defined for study room purposes as being 2 or more currently registed SHU students.  At least 2 members of the group must be present to enter the room.

·         The room must be vacated when the group’s allotted time is over.  The maximum time per group per day is 3 hours.

·         If you arrive late (15 minutes or longer after the time you have reserved the room), the room may be given to the next waiting group.

·         Rooms may be reserved in advance.  Be sure to arrive at the time you requested.

·         If you leave the room and take your items and ID with you, the room will be deemed vacated and will be given to another group. 

·         If the student who signed the room out leaves early, another member of the group must amend the form with their name and leave their ID card at the Circulation desk.

·         Students must provide their own equipment and supplies to use in the rooms.

·         The noise level must be kept to a minimum since these rooms are not totally enclosed or sound-proofed.

·         Inappropriate behavior, as elsewhere in the library, will be cause for removal from the room and possibly barred from future use.

·         The library will not be responsible for loss of content from the students’ computer files.


If you have any question about group study rooms, please contact the Circulation Desk at (203)371-7702.


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