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Web of Science  

Index covering the journal literature of science, technology, and the social sciences. Allows you to search for a topic, an author, or for articles that cite a known author or work. Coverage: 2000-2013.  Note: This database is very sensitive to cookies already in your browser.  If you have trouble, we suggest that you clear all your browser history and your cookies cache.  Recommended browsers: Firefox, Chrome, but not: Safari, Internet Explorer.

WestlawNext Campus Research  

In depth coverage of law materials, including law reviews, cases, statutes, codes, & regulations.

World History in Context  

Full-text articles on U.S. history from 120 journals and over 2,000 reference works. Also contains over 59,600 primary documents; and biographies, photos, maps, and videos.


Funk & Wagnall's New Encyclopedia, World Almanac & Book of Facts, World Almanac of the U.S.A., World Almanac of U.S. Politics, and World Almanac for Kids.


Comprehensive catalog of books, audio and visual materials, web resources, and other materials available worldwide; contains  millions of citations in over 400 languages.

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