Welcome to the renovated Library!

Date and Time: 
Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We're proud to welcome you to the renovated spaces in the library!

The Ryan-Matura Library has undergone extensive renovations this summer on the first floor, and new building systems.  The Library will now include the Starbucks Library Café on the first floor.  We will be celebrating the new spaces with raffles, give-aways, and a few other prizes.  Come and see us!

The Library is open this week Tuesday—Thursday 8:00 AM—3:00 AM and Friday 8:00 AM—9:00 PM.  Weekend and full hours are posted on the library's new, redesigned web site http://library.sacredheart.edu

Due to Hurricane Irene, moving into the library was slightly delayed.  This week, September 6-9, many parts of the new library are ready for work right now:

  • The library has wireless, so your laptop will connect to the SHU network.
  • You can borrow books, search the catalog, use the web site and the library databases, and request materials from other libraries (inter-library loan).
  • Reference and research librarians are on hand, and ready to assist you with your research and writing needs.

Additional parts of library services will be finished this week:

  • Photocopying is available in the library downstairs and in the Jandrisevits Learning Center, but not yet on the main floor.
  • Public workstations —most will require your SHU ID and password—will be ready by Friday.
  • Library staff telephones and data connections will be moved and up and running by Friday.
  • Book scanning will be available by Friday.
  • Reference books will continue to be moved in on Tuesday, and re-shelving will be finished by Wednesday at the latest.
  • An outside cleaning service is finishing cleaning the second floor and lower level.

A few other new features will be finished later:

  • The Library Starbucks Café will open on Monday morning, September 12.
  • Information Literacy 101 classes will begin to meet on Monday, September 12.
  • Additional furniture (mostly sofas) will be delivered before Friday, September 30.
  • Additional lighting will be installed over the services desks in the library and the café, and on certain study tables on the first floor.
  • A few renovation details and corrections will be carried out during September, including the water feature on the first floor.

The entire library staff looks forward to serving you in the renovated first floor, and looks forward to further renovations on the lower level and second floor in coming summers.  Please be sure to join us for the official opening of the renovated spaces on Wednesday, November 2.

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