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Electronic Reserves: includes book chapters, faculty’s personal copies of articles, or articles from the library’s print collection or research databases.  Faculty can either send reserve materials through inter-office mail or bring to the Circulation Desk in person. To make an E-Reserve request, faculty can either fill out the request form and submit to the library's Circulation Desk or make a request online. Faculty can also send the requests via email to the library eReserve staff member, Wenling Ma (

Electronic reserve items will be loaded on Blackboard. The Blackboard system allows the reserved items to be directly linked to the courses a professor teaches, which has made the documents available 24/7 to the users.

A minimum of two days is required for items to be processed before they are made available to the students. This is especially true to the beginning of the semester. It is preferable that faculty bring the material to the library Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. when the Reserve staff is on duty. Items received in the evenings or on weekends will be held for the Reserve staff during the regular work week.

Readings cannot remain on Reserve longer than one semester without copyright permission. Refer to explanations of “Fair Use” for more information.  E-mail reminders will be sent at the end of each semester to have faculty retrieve their personal Reserve items.


Physical Reserve Policy and Instructions for Faculty: Reserve requests may take up to 3 weekdays (72 hours) to process.  Please submit your requests early.  They will be processed on a “first come, first served” basis in the order in which they are received.  Submitting all materials at once is helpful in terms of making materials available for your students in a timely manner.  Each item must be accompanied by a separate, fully completed “Course Reserve Request Form.”  Incomplete requests will be returned to the faculty for completion.

Faculty must pull library owned books from the stacks and bring them to the Circulation or Reference desk with a fully completed form.  DVDs and CDs kept behind the Circulation desk will be pulled by the staff and matched with a form.  If an item is checked out, a recall will be sent to the patron for its return.  When returned, the faculty will be notified and a completed form will be matched to it. 

Personal items from faculty may be put on Reserve.  Every attempt will be made by the library to safeguard these materials but the library will not be responsible for any damage or loss.  By submitting an item for Reserve, the faculty accepts responsibility for Copyright compliance.

Faculty may not remove items on Reserve without officially notifying library staff.  There is a process that needs to be done in the library system in order to properly remove items.  If faculty need the item for class, it may be checked out to them for a longer time period but must be returned to Reserve.

All items will be removed from Reserves at the end of each semester.  If the faculty does not pick up personal items, they will be returned to the department.  They will not be automatically rolled over to the following semester.  A new request must be made, following the same procedures listed above.

 All items submitted for Reserve must meet the following criteria.

  • A copy of the course syllabus so we may determine priority of the assigned reading, if necessary.
  • A fully completed “Course Reserve Request Form” for each item.
  • Required readings only.  This will ensure that no section of the collection is removed from general circulation for a lengthy period of time.
  • Library owned circulating books, DVDs and CDs and faculty owned (personal) books, DVDs and CDs.
  • Lawfully acquired DVDs and CDs.  In general, this means purchased originals.  Home copies may not be considered lawfully acquired due to copyright restrictions.
  • Only one (1) copy of the same title per course.  If it is determined that heavy usage of that title occurs, the faculty will be notified and may provide a second copy.     

Items that may not be placed on Reserve.

  • Non-circulating library items such as those located in Reference, Special Collections, Archives, and Faculty and Alumni Authors. 
  • Periodicals.
  • Items owned by another library either obtained through interlibrary loan or borrowed by the faculty.
  • DVDs rented from a business.
  • Any item that would violate Copyright infringement.

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