Course Reserves

Electronic Reserves: includes book chapters, faculty’s personal copies of articles, or articles from the library’s print collection or research databases.  Faculty can either send reserve materials through inter-office mail or bring to the Circulation Desk in person. To make an E-Reserve request, faculty can either fill out the request form and submit to the library's Circulation Desk or make a request online. Faculty can also send the requests via email to the library eReserve staff member, Wenling Ma (

Electronic reserve items will be loaded on Blackboard. The Blackboard system allows the reserved items to be directly linked to the courses a professor teaches, which has made the documents available 24/7 to the users.

A minimum of two days is required for items to be processed before they are made available to the students. This is especially true to the beginning of the semester. It is preferable that faculty bring the material to the library Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. when the Reserve staff is on duty. Items received in the evenings or on weekends will be held for the Reserve staff during the regular work week.

Readings cannot remain on Reserve longer than one semester without copyright permission. Refer to explanations of “Fair Use” for more information.  E-mail reminders will be sent at the end of each semester to have faculty retrieve their personal Reserve items.

Physical Reserves: items such as books, videos, and CDs must be brought to the Circulation desk.  There is a form to complete - see link below - which will indicate the course information and loan period. 

Physical Reserves are available all hours that the library is open. Students or faculty must present a valid Sacred Heart University ID card in order to check the material out for the designated time period.


If you have documents to attach, please upload the documents here.

Physical Course Reserves

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