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Monday, September 19, 2011

New beginnings at the library include two new kinds of books of interest to many in the SHU community: popular reading, and graphic literature.

“Graphic literature” used to be called “graphic novels,” but includes non-fiction works (such as 9/11: Artists Respond).  Graphic literature is a newly-evolving way of presenting image and text together in such a way that dimensions of understanding that go beyond either just text or image become possible.  The power of such a combination is evident in the classic Maus: A Survivor’s Tale about Art Spiegelman’s parents in the Holocaust.

Graphic literature has sometimes by called “outsider literature,” because as the genre has evolved it has attracted numerous authors and artists who take the point of view of an outsider to a society: Neil Gaiman’s The Absolute Sandman volumes, or Gene Luen Yang’s American Born Chinese.  Other books border upon the genre “steam-punk” or the gothic or mystery genres, such as Yana Toboso’s Black Butler series.  A significant number of authors and artists are Asian.

Popular reading has also arrived: fiction and non-fiction that appeals to a wide audience for mystery, sports, fiction, and biography.  Stieg Larsson’s popular series is present in The Girl Who Played With Fire, and for celebrity autobiography you can find Ted Turner’s Call Me Ted.   Check it out!

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