Borrow, Hold, Renew, or Recall a Book

Borrowing Policy

  • Undergraduates: 35 day loan period, 1 renewal, subject to recalls.
  • Graduates: 70 day loan period, 1 renewal, subject to recalls
  • Faculty/Staff: 70 day loan period, 1 renewal, subject to recalls
  • Alumni: 28 day loan period, no renewals, 5 books at a time, subject to recalls.
  • Guests: 14 day loan period, no renewals, 3 books at a time, subject to recalls.
  • High School Guests: 28 day loan period, no renewals, subject to recalls. Authorized high schools only: Lauralton Hall, Notre Dame, St. Joseph. Permission of school librarian require in writing.


  • Patrons may place a “hold” on a book that is available in the Ryan-Matura Library. This can be done on the Enterprise system. Click on the “request” button on the top of the results screen and complete the information requested.


  • Students, faculty and staff may renew their books.  Alumni and Guests are not able to renew books.

  •  Patrons  have access to their own records on the Enterprise system and may check the status of any or all items checked out. Renewal of items may be performed through the Enterprise system prior to the due date. Overdue notices will be sent to the patron's email and home address. However, sending an overdue notice is a courtesy.

  • Books may also be renewed at the library circulation desk or  by phone.


  • If you need a book, and it is in another patron's possession, we can call it back.  We will send a recall notice to the Patron who has the book.

  • Patron 1 who has the book can keep the book for another 7 days before fines begin to accrue.  If Patron 1 has not completed their work, they may place a recall on the book as well.

  • Patron 2 would pick up the book when it is returned.  If there is a recall on the book, Patron 2 can keep it for only 7 days and then it needs to be returned.  If there is no recall, they may keep the book for the normal borrowing period. 

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