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From Command to Community: a New Approach to Leadership Education in Colleges and Universities

This explores notions of leadership that move from ideas derived from the "great man" principle to community-oriented views of citizen adaptive leadership.

The Innovative University: changing the DNA of higher education from the inside out

Universities have too often sought to imitate Harvard; BYU-Idaho presents a different model. How can universities discover their own uniqueness and develop their strengths?

What is Open Access, anyway? PhDComics tells the story

From Piled Higher and Deeper, a.k.a. PhD Comics, Nick Shockey and Jonathan Eisen explain what this open access thing is and why it's important. Best of all, they're funny.

I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did

Lori Andrews illustrates the many dangers of sharing personal information on the internet in this novel.

Use OpenDOAR to Search Open-Access Digital Collections

OpenDOAR, a directory of open-access digital repositories, brings together scholarly output and digital collections from 2,000+ institutions worldwide including our own Digital Commons@SHU.

Net Smart: How to Thrive Online

Thriving online is exactly the point here --how to do it. Pay attention to your paying attention, says Rheingold --mindfulness is the one resource that is uniquely yours to contribute.

Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal

BUY THIS BOOK --a real page-turner, and support Next Generation Nepal.

Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil

Olive oil has a very long and multifaceted history as a religious element, medicine, beauty aid --and food.

Gentle Subversive: Rachel Carson

This short book tells an intellectual, ecological biography of Rachel Carson (1907-1964), a founding writer of the environmental movement.

Strapped: Why America's 20- and 30-Somethings Can't Get Ahead

In "Strapped" Tamara Draut outlines the struggles that people of today’s generation face as they try to build a career and future for themselves.

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